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Bonny Putney

 Your brain fascinates me. It’s amazing.  

Betty Hudson

This is truly wonderful, hilarious, and as best this old, devoted dawgette can tell, as close to a direct-to-Munson-in-Dawg-heaven as one could possibly channel.

John Chambers

Curious, caring, engaging, fiercely loyal, committed, action oriented, witty, psychotic.

(Stoddard Media point of information: We are very reluctant to call this "Praise", but we deem it to have been intended as such.)

Julie Moses

You drilled to our point with fewer words than I thought possible.  Other writers said less in 2,000 words than you did in 700. 

Allison Jones Yeomans

So entertaining! Your mind works like no other!

Debbie Gohr Storey

You. Are. Good. Ok wow, I'm so impressed. You do write like Lewis Grizzard.  You are witty, sharp, a little acerbic, and compelling.    


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