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- Press releases published on major media websites from US to Asia.

- Social media to inform, entertain and capture your audience.

- E-mail campaigns your constituents will read.

- Website content to engage visitors and drive your message home.

- Blogs to establish you as THE industry authority.

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We continually think we have discovered a unique business or industry niche. expecting to focus only on that going forward. Then a new client comes along in a new niche with a great story that must be told. Until we win The Powerball ~ or perhaps even after we win The Powerball ~ we will continue to tell our diverse clients' great stories.

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Everyone has a great story to tell. No exception.

Tell yours before the competition tells theirs.

We help you find your story.

We help you tell it well.

To the World.


Debbie Gohr Storey

You. Are. Good. Ok wow, I'm so impressed. You write like Lewis Grizzard.  You are witty, sharp, a little acerbic, and compelling.    

John Chambers

Curious, caring, engaging, fiercely loyal, committed, action oriented, witty, psychotic.

Betty Hudson

This is truly wonderful, hilarious, and as best this old, devoted dawgette can tell, as close to a direct-to-Munson-in-Dawg-heaven as one could possibly channel.

Bonny Putney

Your brain fascinates me. It’s amazing. You are indeed a wizard with the word.

Greg Hill

Peter has a unique gift for not only uncovering a story where one would never look or imagine, he also is skilled at presenting that story in a captivating fashion. Peter's prose generates a response.

Allison Jones Yeomans

So entertaining! Your mind works like no other.


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